Hand-function rehabilitation is a rehabilitation service based on teamwork and subject collaboration, which is highly demanding for therapists. The structure and function of the hand are complex, and the dysfunction after injury is more difficult to eliminate. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the standardized and evidence-based clinical pathway for hand function rehabilitation to ensure the development of hand-function rehabilitation in China, and promote the recovery of patients' function. In order to further promote the standardized and evidence-based clinical pathway of hand-function rehabilitation, the professional Committee of Hand-Function Rehabilitation of Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association plans to carry out a series of hand-function rehabilitation training and certification of hand-function rehabilitators throughout the country.

    The training includes two parts: the continuing education and the certification training. Among them, the continuing education includes national continuing education classes, technical workshops, academic conferences, seminars and so on, recruiting therapists nationwide on the theme of hand function rehabilitation. The certification training includes two parts: learning online on the “The Certification Platform of Hand-Function Rehabilitation Therapists” and practical training on the standardized training center of hand-function rehabilitation, which will provide basis for the training and certification of hand-function rehabilitation therapists.

   Hand-function rehabilitation therapists are physical or occupational therapists who have undergone standardized training and certification, and shall have the ability to independently analyze the causes of various common hand dysfunction, select appropriate rehabilitation methods to alleviate or eliminate the dysfunction, improve the functional performance of patients, and improve the ability of daily life. Moreover, they should have the ability in teamwork and research about hand-function rehabilitation.

    The above two tasks are gradually being carried out, and we hope all colleagues and experts can provide suggestions and support for us.