The Hand Functional Rehabilitation Commission aims to promote the spirit of volunteerism of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress", and now recruits volunteers to participate in various activities. For example:

1.Editor Volunteers: Provide excellent articles, manuscripts or special cases about hand rehabilitation for free. 

2.Conference Volunteers: During the meeting, the volunteers are recruited to provide a series of volunteer services, such as guidance, consultation, venue arrangement, accommodation management and so on.

3.Community volunteers: Bring the concept of hand function rehabilitation into the community to popularize the knowledge of hand function rehabilitation for ordinary residents. Volunteers with medical background can also provide free treatment services or family rehabilitation guidance for community residents with hand dysfunction.

4. Other volunteers: Please keep an eye on the official website of hand rehabilitation. Volunteer information will be updated from time to time.

     Statement: All volunteer activities of the Association are carried out within the scope of the Constitution and the law, and do not have any profit-making purposes.