What we do


    The function of the hand is delicate and complex, there are many joint activities. Under the precise control of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, various complex and fine movements are realized. Therefore, hand dysfunction can have a huge impact on the daily life of patients.  


    The related functions can be divided into three categories, including support, operation and grip. For support, the hand can stabilize one object in various ways while performing more specific tasks with the other hand, and the hand can also serve as a platform for bearing weight when transferring objects. For example, the transfer from lying position to sitting position requires the support of the hand. The functional operation can be said to be the most diverse ability of the hand. There are two forms of operating objects, one is repeated and fixed, such as typing or flipping books. The other is continuous and smooth, such as drawing calligraphy and paper cutting. In fact, we are combining the above two elements to carry out wonderful and colorful manual activities. Grip of hand describes the ability of a finger and thumb to grip or grasp, specifically holding, protecting, and picking up an object.      

    The hand function team is led by Professor Jia Jie from the Rehabilitation Medicine Department of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. As a medical leader in hand function rehabilitation, she has accumulated many years of experience in hand function rehabilitation assessment and treatment strategies, which has produced a large number of research results. The research team innovatively  develops a new technology and suitable promotion technology,“functional rehabilitation of  hand after central nervous system injury”,based on the “production, learning, research, medical model” and “integrated Chinese and Western medicine mode”around the rehabilitation of hand function. At present, the team has taken the lead in setting up the “Hand Function Rehabilitation Professional Committee” at various levels, such as the China Rehabilitation Medical Association, the China Healthcare International Exchange Promotion Association, and the Shanghai Electrophysiology and Rehabilitation Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.     


    At the same time, the hand function team also established the unique hand function rehabilitation WeChat platform in China, including “Upper and Lower Limb Integration”, “Central- Peripheral-Center” closed loop, “Balance Theory” etc. The three innovation rehabilitation theory and “multiple modal images, multi-dimensional video evaluation, hand function brace, laser blood flow imaging evaluation technology, original rehabilitation technology products. And Introduction to “Hand Function Rehabilitation”, “Theory and Practice of Hand Function Rehabilitation” “Brain hand function rehabilitation”, about three monographs.     

    At present, the focus of the hand function team's opponent dysfunction has expanded from hand trauma to hand dysfunction after stroke, upper limb lymphedema, and Hirayama disease. While we have also cooperated with domestic rehabilitation research academic organizations and many international organizations to expand the research field and thinking mode of hand function rehabilitation,which finally promoting the application of technology and sharing ideas at home and abroad.