China Rehabilitation Medical Association Hand Functional Rehabilitation Committee Management rules

    According to the 《Administrative Measures for Branches of the Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association (Revised Draft)》, the management rules of the Professional Rehabilitation Committee of the Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Association") are as follows.

Chapter I General

Article 1 This association is a professional academic group responsible for organizing academic and activities related to hand function rehabilitation under the leadership of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association.

Article 2 This association is a public welfare and academic mass organization voluntarily composed of national rehabilitation medical workers and registered in accordance with the law. It aims to develop domestic hand function rehabilitation, standardize techniques or methods related to hand function rehabilitation, integrate various technical methods or theoretical knowledge, improve the rehabilitation of hand function, strengthen the hand function rehabilitation research team, provide communication and development platform for units and individuals who are interested in developing hand function rehabilitation.

Article 3 The purpose of this association is to comply with the constitution, laws, regulations and relevant state policies, implement the basic principles of national health work, promote the social customs of “respecting knowledge and respecting talents”, and advocate “dedication, innovation, truth-seeking and cooperation” Scientific spirit, adhere to the principle of independence, democratic office and "hundred flowers, one hundred schools of thought contend"; unite and mobilize national hand function rehabilitation workers, promote the prosperity and development of hand function rehabilitation medicine, and promote the popularization, promotion and innovation of hand function rehabilitation technology Develop and transform applications to promote the growth and improvement of professionals.

Article 4 The Association accepts the guidance and supervision of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association.

Article 5 The administrative rules of the Association shall be implemented in conjunction with the 《Administrative Measures for Branches of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association (Revised Draft)》.

Chapter II Business Scope

Article 5 The scope of business of the Association:

(1) The Association will actively implement the 《Administrative Measures for Branches of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association (Revised Draft)》-“Chapter 5 Tasks and Responsibilities of Branches”;

(2) Promoting the scientific spirit, disseminating scientific ideas, popularizing hand-function rehabilitation medical knowledge, and promoting advanced hand-function rehabilitation concepts and techniques;

(3) Conducting academic exchanges at home and abroad, inspiring academic thinking and promoting the development of disciplines;

(4) Regulating knowledge, technology and research methods related to hand function rehabilitation at home and abroad;

(5) Establishing a standardized platform for hand-function rehabilitation in China; identifying units with standardized qualifications; and setting up experts with outstanding contributions to hand-function rehabilitation;

(6) With the aim of rehabilitation of hand function, we will promote cooperation between hospitals, universities and enterprises at home and abroad, and integrate research and development research models based on “production-learning-research-medicine-and-management” to promote independent innovation. ;

(7) Organizing hand-function rehabilitation medicine continuing education, business training and innovative skill competitions, recommending, commending and rewarding outstanding scientific and technological talents and achievements;

(8) Carrying out non-governmental international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, developing friendly exchanges with foreign functional rehabilitation medical groups and professionals, and actively form a comprehensive and academic international alliance or organization of hand function rehabilitation to promote hand function rehabilitation. International cooperation and exchanges in the field;

(9) Establishing a social welfare undertaking that meets the purpose of this association.

Chapter III  Organization Management

Article 6 This Council will recommend relevant personnel who have deep knowledge in the academic and clinical aspects of hand rehabilitation as subject (disciplinary) leaders. The main members should also have certain authority, extensiveness and representativeness; The main body of the functional rehabilitation professional committee is the main body, enthusiastic hand function rehabilitation work and has a certain academic level of professional backbone.

Article 7 The composition and renewal system of the Association shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the 《Administrative Measures for Branches of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association (Revised Draft)》, “Chapter III Branches” and “Chapter 4 Branches Renewal”.

Article 8 The Association shall establish a secretariat to mainly manage archives materials, establish WeChat groups and related academic websites, and publicize the activities of the special committees and related information.

Chapter IV  Financial Work

Article 9 The financial work of the Association will strictly follow the 《Financial Management Measures of the Branches of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association (Trial) 》.

Article 10 The Association is economically non-profit. The financial management will implement the relevant financial management system of the State, accept the management of the General Conference, and ensure that the accounting information is legal, authentic, accurate and complete.

Chapter V Composition and Management of the Special Committee

Article 11 The Association will organize the special committee according to the "Administrative Measures for Branches of Chinese Rehabilitation Medicine (Revised Draft)" and carry out work such as re-election as required.

Article 12 Basic rights of members:

(1) The right to vote, to be elected and to vote;

(2) Taking the priority of academic exchanges, various activities, public welfare undertakings and related competitions;

(3) The right to criticize and supervise the work of the Association;

(4) The priority of the hand-function rehabilitation standardization construction pilot unit and the WeChat platform;

(5) Other rights as stipulated in the relevant articles of association of the Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association.

Article 13 Basic obligations of members:

(1) complying with the administrative rules of the Association and implementing the resolutions of this Council;

(2) safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the Association;

(3) completing the work assigned by the Association;

(4) Members shall actively participate in and publicize the academic exchange activities, training programs, various competitions and public welfare activities held by the Association;

(5) During the term of office of the members, they are required to attend the annual meeting held by the Association for the rest of the year. For the reasons, they are unable to participate in the meeting and submit the leave request. In principle, they will not be re-elected for two consecutive years without attending the annual meeting;

(6) Members shall actively participate in and assist in the completion of the national standardization of hand functions, provide opinions or suggestions for the construction and provide relevant information required for standardization construction;

(7) Members are obliged to develop and publicize hand function rehabilitation in their respective units and promote new technologies for hand function rehabilitation;

(8) The members of the Standing Committee or above shall hold regular meetings of the Standing Committee (six months) and submit their respective quarterly work summary;

(9) The chairman and the deputy chairman shall, in principle, convene a discussion meeting on a quarterly basis, submit their work summary and plan, and submit opinions and suggestions for the development of the meeting;

(10) As a national representative, the members of the Standing Committee and above shall actively undertake relevant academic conferences, annual meetings, and various activities in their respective regions;

Article 14 The system of change of the Association shall be implemented in accordance with 《Administrative Measures for Branches of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association (Revised Draft)》.

(1) New members are nominated by the Standing Committee and recommended by the local society;

(2) Members have the right to vote, to vote and to be elected;

(3) If the work of the Institute is not active (including not participating in the activities of the Association for no reason, not fulfilling the tasks of the Association as required), and there are still no improvements after repeated reminders by the Association, and will be reported to China Rehabilitation Medicine after discussion at the Standing Committee of the Association. meeting;

(4) Those who have adversely affected the reputation of the Society by using the position of the Institute will be discussed and dealt with by the Standing Committee of the Association and reported to the China Rehabilitation Medical Association.

Chapter VI  Notes

    The articles of association were implemented after the discussion and adoption of the “China Rehabilitation Medical Association General Committee” and the “Hand Committee for the Professional Committee of Hand Function Rehabilitation (the Sub-Committee). The unfinished matters were supplemented and improved during the implementation process.

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