1.What qualifications are needed to join the Hand Function Rehabilitation Committee and become a glorious member of the team?

Answer: If you want to be a member of the Hand Function Rehabilitation Committee, please consult the Secretariat of the Hand Function Committee of the Rehabilitation Medical Association.

2.Can hand rehabilitation website provide online expert consultation service?

Answer: At present, the website does not provide online expert outpatient service, but it is recommended to download mobile phone terminal【Hand Function Rehabilitation Platform】. There are many home-based rehabilitation guidance programs and standardized clinical cases in the APP waiting for you to learn!

3.When will the continuing education courses for hand rehabilitation enroll students?

Answer: Please pay attention to the official education website of our official website for the relevant announcement.

4. Is there any video or literature on hand function recovery for download? If yes, do I need to pay?
Answer: Our website provides free video and literature materials for download without charge.