Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic
Time:2019/12/29 18:59:21Browse:911

    March 5th is the day of learning from Lei Feng every year. On March 5, 2018, from 10am to 11am, cooperated with the Breast surgery department, the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Jing'an District Central Hospital held the breast cancer rehabilitation clinics, which theme was “caring for women and rehabilitating” in the first floor of the outpatient hall of Jing'an District Central Hospital.

    The main content of the activity: upper extremity dyskinesia and the prevention, monitoring and treatment of swelling after breast cancer surgery.

    Restriction of shoulder joint activity and swelling of upper limbs are common complications after breast cancer surgery. Limited joint activity is usually caused by inappropriate braking and scar hyperplasia after surgery. Upper limb swelling is related to lymphatic ablation and radiotherapy, chemotherapy, body weight, infection and other factors. Postoperative rehabilitation of breast cancer has a short development time in China. Although many patients have a decline in quality of life due to complications, they are unable to (did not) seek medical treatment because they have limited information and do not understand the relevant treatment. In addition to helping patients on the spot to discover, diagnose dysfunction, guide prevention and treatment, more importantly, it will transmit information about postoperative rehabilitation of breast cancer, so that the majority of patients can learn relevant knowledge and achieve early prevention, early discover, early diagnosis and treatment to avoid the outcome of late treatment difficulties.